Every Monday (and every other Sunday) we're based at The Key Centre, Elvetham Heath,  Fleet, GU51 1HA


Tuesday though to Saturday we're based within the car park at Church Crookam Community Centre, Boyce Road, GU52 8AQ (off Jubilee Drive).

Please see below for our April operating times

Sat 12th 10 - 130 (Elvetham Heath) 

Mon 14th 730 - 4 (Elvetham Heath)

Tue 15th 8-2 (Crookham Park)

Wed 16th 8-4 (Crookham Park)

Wed 16th 8-4 (Elvetham Heath)

Thu 17th 8-4 (Crookham Park)

Thu 17th 8-2 (Elvetham Heath)

Fri 18th 8-2 (Crookham Park)

Fri 18th 8-2 (Elvetham Heath)

Sat 19th 8-4 (Crookham Park)

Sat 19th 8-2 (Elvetham Heath)

Sun 20th 10-4 (Elvetham Heath)

Mon 21st 730 - 4 (Elvetham Heath)

Tue 22nd 8-2 (Crookham Park)

Tue 22nd 8-12 (Elvetham Heath)

Wed 23rd 8-4 (Crookham Park)

Thu 24th 8-4 (Crookham Park)

Fri 25th 8-2 (Crookham Park)

Sat 26th 8-4 (Crookham Park)

Mon 28th 730 - 4 (Elvetham Heath)

Tue 29th 8-2 (Crookham Park)

Wed 30th 8-4 (Crookham Park)

Wed 30th 8-4 (Elvetham Heath)