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Serving locally hand roasted artisan coffee and locally homemade artisan cakes

Making Coffee

Our locally roasted artisan coffee is a carefully crafted espresso blend of premium coffees sourced from several different origins, each of which add their own dimension in order to deliver a well balanced, lingering flavour in the cup.

This gives a taste profile of dark chocolate, hazelnuts and vanilla.

Our blend of origins are:

Brazil Mogiana 40%.

The lush volcanic soil of the Mogiana valley is located between Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais where the beans are known for their profound aromas, rich taste and smooth finish.

Sumatra 15%.

Known for delivering a smooth, sweet body that is balanced and intense. Notes of cocoa, tobacco, smoke and cedar wood contribute to the cup which are balanced with higher acidity showing tropical fruit notes.

Columbia 25%.

The third largest coffee producer in the world behind Brazil and Vietnam. Coffee was introduced through Venezuela, originating from the Caribbean Islands. These coffees are known for their smooth and consistent well-balanced flavour which gives a beautiful, heavy body and a lovely hazelnutty aftertaste.

Honduras 20%.

It is known for its high yields and clean flavour; originating from Brazil, it's a hybrid of the Mundo Novo and Caturra coffee and is now widely planted throughout Central America. Expert smooth and creamy caramel notes.

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